Sunday, April 12, 2009

our family is growing!

So, I know those of you with those FANCY blogging things (gadgets? Ok, just kidding- I tried to sound smart, I really don't know what they're called!) that tell you when someone has a new post and what the title is....JUMPED to read this one. haha...made you look. But I didn't lie! This week Tori gets a hubby and we get a brother-in-law/uncle. He's actually been in our fam for awhile, but this makes it official. We think he's great. Reuben is the ringbearer and has been modeling all week..."mommy, I hold the pillow like THIS" hands cupped oh so carefully..."and I no drop it!" Let's hope not! Here's a pic of the cute couple! Nelson and Tori. We're so excited! Congratulations you two!!!

Easter with Cousins!

For Aunt Becky

Dear Aunt Becky,
You are great! We love the aprons you made us and wear them often...even though our mommy is a slacker and has taken forever to post this picture.

She even wears her apron to fix the yummy Rachel Ray food....and we like our ROASTED (not burnt) trees with the delicious garlic gravy and french fries.

But we weren't allowed in the kitchen for FOUR hours while she made these meringues....because the oven door had to be open. Yes, they were good but too sweet and our mommy says she hopes we liked them because she'll never make them again.

We really wish she'd stop trying to be all fancy and cook things like you...we are fine with chicken nuggets. Honestly, we think she just likes to wear her apron. But we don't blame her. We wear ours to make cookies AND to play with legos. Thanks again!

Love, Reuben & Jace

PS. Come visit. Bring James.

Monday, February 2, 2009

why i love THIS man:

Everyone knows I married Jorge for his good looks. Yes, I'm that shallow. Everything else has just been a HUGE bonus! Not only is he the best husband and father, but he's also a hard worker and did not complain one bit that I have spent literally ALL day blogging (in my pajamas). Seriously. I have a new layout (that because of my computer illiteracy, took me HOURS), 5 million new posts, and he has ran in all day to keep my fire going (the REAL one, keep your mind out of the gutter). I love him. He really is my best friend. Valentine's Day is coming think I could pass up being mushy?! no way.

brotherly love...of sugar.

This picture is on my desktop at work. It's one of my favorites, mainly because it captures them, not posing or acting silly, just doing something they love....eating....sugar. Where'd they get THAT from?!